Camp Oven Roast Pork Recipe

This is my camp oven roast pork recipe, and my first attempt at cooking this camp oven roast pork recipe.
Roast pork tastes amazing and even better when the crackling comes out of the camp oven nice a crunchy.
I like cooking a lot of different meals in the camp oven, and roast pork has been one that i hadn’t tried.
I provide for you a few camp oven cooking tips and whats required for a good camp fire so you build a coal base for your camp oven.
I cooked this camp oven roast pork recipe over two hours, and the all important crackling turn out way better than i had expected.
I began preparing the pork roast the day before. With scoring the outer skin, and rubbing salt into it a number of times.
The trick to getting a nice crunchy crackling, is to start off the camp oven with a high heat, and start the cooking process for the first 30min on the high heat.
Then i have pulled the camp oven away from the heat for the last 1hr 30min.
The roast pork and vegetables turned out so well, i will be making this again in the camp oven.

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